Our trusted services go beyond any expectations. Our proactive and patient approach distinguishes us from the rest. We think outside the box by using tools and marketing strategies combined with our years of experience to achieve the results that you deserve.

Here is an example of the home buying process including your cash back.

Meet Your Realtor®

  • We guide you to the right mortgage product
  • We explain in detail our obligations as your REALTOR® as well as yours
  • We discuss your home buying needs
  • We will expose you to all available listings, including resale and new that meet your needs
  • We will send you a customized list of resale and new homes that meet your needs

Go Out & Shop

  • Now that you have selected your mortgage product through our affiliates, it’s time to go out and SHOP!
  • Let your REALTOR® know which homes you believe meet your needs
  • Your REALTOR® will set the appointments and research the prospective properties so that you can make an informed decision
  • Go out and visit all the prospective homes with your REALTOR®

Buy & Get Cash Back

  • Make an educated offer
  • Complete mortgage documents and fulfill all your buyer conditions
  • Close the transaction
  • Receive your cash back ( see formula below )
  • Move in and ENJOY!
  • Refer all your family and friends to your helpful and friendly REALTOR®!

A simple & fun way of buying and selling real estate

It’s important that a home buyer or home seller have a great relationship from conception with their REALTOR®. Keep in mind that your Toronto REALTOR® is an extension of you! The right REALTOR® will always place your best interests ahead of anything else, by trusting the process and each other the relationship grows, which in turn allows the process to be less stressful. We make it easy and fun for you to get to know us, we build our relationships with our clients on their terms, if meeting at a local Starbucks to discuss your wants and needs then great, we can do that! Meeting in a friendly environment is always a great way to getting to know each other, no hassle and no pressure. This is how we work. So, give us a call and lets start building a plan that best suits your families needs!